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Communication is key! In a effort to improve our ability to communicate with our patients we are introducing a new system called Weave. One of the... read more
Free Dental Van
Dr Aichlmayr loves to help out our elderly community by working at a free local dental van.  It helps out lower income folks who are in pain and... read more
COVID Safety
We at Harbor View Dentistry have always put patient safety first and made it a priority.  These days it is the first thing on our minds even more... read more
Farewell Anna
Today is such a bittersweet day as we say goodbye to our amazing assistant Anna. We are so happy for her and her family to be relocating to a warmer... read more
“Angel Doc”
We have a very special patient Pamm C. that comes in almost every week to deliver treats and plants from her garden. She also dropped off the cutest... read more
Chambers Bay
Had a wonderful day at Chambers Bay this last weekend. If you have not been, I would strongly suggest it. And it’s dog friendly! The cafe has... read more
Above the Clouds
Last weekend Dr. A hiked the second highest peak in Washington State! Mount Adams has elevation of 12,276 feet! He started his trek at the south... read more
Standing Together
We are back at it again! Dr. A is working with Medical Teams International today to help those in need! What do you do in your community to... read more
We are available for emergencies and happy to meet you at the office if you are in pain!! Call Dr. A if you are experiencing a dental emergency... read more