What kinds of things do you do in your spare time? There are so many neat venues in and around Gig Harbor!! Recently Dr. Aichlmayr visited Wurlitzer Manor. Have you ever been? The manor was actually built around the organ.

What an AMAZING place! Dr. A was being a good citizen and helped with parking (when he saw the need) and then was invited in to see the show. He could not speak highly enough of this place. He got to see the “Jim Valley Project”. The band was great and the manor was unbelievable! Wurlitzer Manor has an organ with thousands of pipes and hundreds of other musical instruments.

For more information about Wurlitzer Manor check out their website at Www.Wurlitzermanor.com

Another great theatre not far from Gig Harbor (in Bremerton) is the Admiral Theater! This theatre has been in business since 1942. They offer concerts, family shows, dance, film, dinner theatre, and much more. They recently had a “face lift” and are definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been before.

Visit their website www.admiraltheatre.org.

They have several great shows and events lined up through the end of the year, check them out!!