Dr. Aichlmayr has been volunteering recently with Medical Teams International!! They offer a mobile dental Program that travels through Washington and Oregon every week! They believe cost and access prevent people from getting crucial dental care. In an effort to bring care to those in need they have put together this amazing mobile dental studio. With the help of volunteers like Dr. Aichlmayr they are able to go to the patients who are most in need of care.

Dr, Aichlmayr spent his volunteer time working with elderly widows who lost their insurance when their husbands died. What an awesome opportunity to help those in need.

Medical Teams International does not take any type of government funding and operates solely from the donations given by those who believe in their program and donate. Their goal is to care for those in need.

To read more about this amazing service visit their website at www.medicalteams.org and if you are so inclined please donate to this worthy cause.